Zinc oxide as a Protective Skin Coating

For minor abrasions and irritations of the skin, zinc oxide is used as a protective covering. It is applied as a soothing and shielding balm to help parched skin and diaper rash heal.

Zinc Oxide Dose in Adults

Zinc Oxide Dose as a skin Protectant:

  • Apply topically as required to the affected areas several times a day.

Zinc Oxide Dose in Children

ZincOxide Dose as Skin protectant:

  • Apply the cream, ointment, paste, or stick generously to the affected area as needed, especially with each diaper change or after incontinence episodes.

Use in Pregnancy and lactation

  • It's applied topically to healthy skin.
  • Safe to use while breastfeeding or pregnant.

Dose in Kidney disease:

  • For patients with renal illness, there is no need to change the dosage.

Dose in Liver disease:

  • For patients with liver illness, there is no need to change the dosage.

Side Effects of Zinc oxide:

  • Hypersensitivity:
    • Local hypersensitivity reaction
  • Local:
    • Local irritation


Allergic reactions to the formulation's ingredients, including zinc oxide

Monitoring Parameters:

Not applicable.

How to use it?

  • It is used as a topical cream, paste, or stick for external use.
  • The area should be gently cleaned and pat dry with a clean soft cloth or allowed to dry.
  • Excess products should be removed via dry tissue.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, face, mouth, or broken skin.

Mechanism of action of Zinc oxide:

  • It is a mild astringent with weak antiseptic properties.

International Brand Names:

  • Ammens® Original Medicated
  • Baby Rash Free
  • Curash
  • Desitin Maximum Strength Original
  • Ammens® Shower Fresh
  • De-Rash
  • Desitin
  • Double-Care
  • Triple Paste
  • Calazime Skin Protectant
  • Mixtura Alba
  • Desitin Rapid Relief
  • Napi-Care
  • Pasta Zinci
  • Rashfree
  • Pasta de Lassar
  • Unguentum Zinci Oxydati
  • Zinxyderm
  • AmeriDerm PeriShield
  • Elta Seal Moisture Barrier
  • Smith's Diaper Rash
  • PeriGuard
  • Balmex®
  • Boudreaux's® Butt Paste
  • Pharmabase Barrier
  • Critic-Aid Thick Moist Barrier

Zinc Oxide Brand Names in Pakistan:

  • Rashnil (Abbott)
  • Woodward Nappy Rash (Woodwards)

Ointment 20 %w/w in Pakistan

Multilind Glaxosmithkline


Zinc Oxide Powder 12 mg/L in Pakistan

Pediasure Chocolate Abbott Laboratories (Pakistan) Limited.


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