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About Emedz is among the rising online health-related blog. It has been launched in phases:

  • The first phase focuses on drugs and pharmaceutical products. 
  • Simultaneously, online help and support for the patients including online medical consultations will be initiated by the end of this year.
  • Projects, CMEs, and Lectures from renowned physicians may be initiated after the first two projects is not an online pharmacy:

  • Online pharmacies sell medicines and pharmaceutical products. is intended to provide drug-related information to pharmacists, physicians, and above all, patients. It is intended to provide authentic information about medicines so as to prevent errors related to prescriptions.
  • We do not sell medicines, so please don’t ask for them. We may provide links from authentic pharmacies at the end of the articles where you can easily get your medicines, however, it may take us some time.
  • We are not affiliated with any pharmaceutical companies:

    • has no affiliation with any pharmaceutical companies. We do not promote any product. Sometimes brand names are also mentioned in the title of the page but that is only because people are searching for those brands frequently. Just to make things easier, generic and brands are mentioned in the title pages.
    • If any specific article is about a specific brand, that will be tagged with “promoted” or similar tags. Advertisements from pharmaceutical companies will be tagged likewise.
  • is far from completion:

    • We don’t want to boast about our site. I have been working daily, all alone, for the last few years to provide every bit of information to my dear users but I think I have just achieved a fraction of my goal.

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