Body pain

Author: Dua     Published: 2 years ago 1 Replies

I am 32 female. I am having severe body pains for the last one month. I visited my doctor who ran some tests but all came out to be normal. I am on paracetamol with minimal relief. What should I do? 

Considering your age and normal laboratory workup, it is likely that you have a condition called Fibromyalgia. It is a painful condition that affects mostly young people especially young females. The majority of these patients also have underlying anxiety, depression, or burnout.

Duloxetine is a drug that might help you if you don't find relief with OTC pain relief medicines. However, you still need to go out jogging or engage in some kind of physical activity. Engaging yourself in some social charity work will also help. 

If you are starting duloxetine, you need to give it some time as you may still have the symptoms even on treatment for up to two weeks. Thank you and Take Care.

Dr. Ahmed Farhan, 2 years ago

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