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General Physician,General Surgeon

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  • MBBs Shifa isbd
  • Surgery training PIMS isbd

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  • Surgery training isbd

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Dr. Umar Farooq has an experience of 5 Years.
Dr. Umar Farooq has the following degrees: MBBS Shifa FCPS pims
Dr. Umar Farooq is General Physician, General Surgeon. His area of expertise include Anaemia Assesment Of Urogenital System Biopsy Of All Types Chest Pain Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Gastrointestinal Issue Gastrointestinal System Minor Surgeries Thyroid Disease Thyroid Disorders Urinary Tract Issue Abdominal Surgery Appendectomy Breast Biopsy Breast Cancer Surgery Breast Surgery Cesarean Section Diabetic Foot Fissure Fistula Haemorrhoidectomy Hemorrhoids Inguinal Hernia Repairs Intestinal Surgery Mastectomy Modified Radical Mastectomy Parotid Surgery Partial Colectomy