Vitamin B complex (Neurobion) Brands

Vitamin B complex is used as a dietary supplement in patients with unhealthy dietary habits and those with increased requirements.

B complex vitamins include:

Vitamin B complex Dose in Adults

Vitamin B complex as a Dietary supplement:

  • General dosing guidelines:
    • One tablet or one capsule once a day.
    • For detail dosing, refer to specific product labeling

Vitamin B complex Dose in Childrens

Dosage of each B complex vitamin in children is mentioned in details in the respective sections of each vitamin.

Use in pregnancy and lactation:

  • The placental barrier can be crossed by most B complex vitamins.
  • Each vitamin is safe during pregnancy.

Vitamin B complex use during breastfeeding:

  • See individual agents for details.

Dose in kidney disease:

  • See the dosage of individual vitamins.
  • Most B complex vitamins can be safely used in patients with kidney disease.

Dose in liver disease:

  • See the dosage of individual vitamins.
  • Most B complex vitamins can be safely used in patients with liver disease.

Side effects of B complex vitamins:

See the side effects of individual vitamin.

Contraindication to B complex vitamins:

Allergies to any component of the formulation

Warnings and precautions

  • Iron toxicity

    • Iron-containing B complex products can be dangerous if taken for a long time.
    • Iron toxicity can occur, particularly in children.
    • It should be kept out of reach of children in child-resistant containers
    • Children should not consume adult preparations.
  • Pernicious anemia:

    • Patients with vitamin B12 deficiencies may experience irreversible neuronal damage if they consume B complex products that contain folic acids at higher than 0.1 mg/day.
    • Patients with folic acid should start vitamin B12 treatment immediately.


Monitoring is usually not required.

How to administer B complex vitamins?

  • It should be administered with meals to avoid gastrointestinal upset.

Mechanism of action of B complex vitamins:

Vitamin B complex is Vitamin B1 (thiamine), Vitamin B2(Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 [Niacin], Vitamin B3 [Vitamin B3], Vitamin B3 (“Riboflavin”), Vitamin B6 (“Pyridoxine”), Vitamin B9 (Folic acid”), Vitamin H (Biotin) and Vitamin B12 ("Cyanocobalamine”). Each section will discuss the details of the pharmacological characteristics.

B complex Brand Names (International):

  • Antineurina
  • B Complex
  • B Complex 50
  • B Complex P
  • B-Complex
  • Becozym
  • Becozym Forte
  • Becozyme
  • Betex
  • Betrimine
  • Bevidoxine Forte
  • Bex-C
  • Everyday Stress Relief B Complex
  • Farcovit B 12
  • Health Plus Vitamins B Complex
  • Mega B
  • Mega B Complex
  • Mintribee
  • Multi B Complex
  • Multi-Tabs B Complex
  • Nervobion
  • Nervobion Fuerte
  • Nessiol
  • Neubion
  • Neurobion
  • Neurobionta
  • Neurorubine
  • Neurorubine Forte
  • Neurorubine-Forte Lactab
  • Neurotrat
  • Neurovit
  • Neurovit Forte
  • Rubrinal
  • Rubrinex
  • Super B Complex
  • Trilagavit
  • Vigranon B
  • Vitadad B Forte
  • Vitamin B Complex

B Complex Brands in Pakistan:

Details of the brands will be posted later. However, some of the commonly available brands include Neurobion, multibionta, vitrum, polybion, centrum, ledderlex, surbex T and surbex z, and theragran.

Vitamin B Complex Injection 100 mg

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