Neuropathy vs Myopathy?

Author: Dr. Ahmed Farhan     Published: 8 months ago 4 Replies

Can you differentiate between Myopathy and Neuroapthy based on your clinical examination findings?

myopathy ivolves proximal muscles whereas neuropathy has distal involvement. 

neuropathy may involve sensory dysfunction 

Hareem Binte Saleem, 8 months ago

Myopathy usually involves proximal muscles and deep tendon reflexes are usually intact.In some cases,it may be associated with muscle pain and tenderness alongwith rash as in polymyositis and deramatomyositis.

Neuropathy usually involves distal muscles and is associated with sensory loss in glove and stock distribution.Polyneuropathy begins with numbness and tingling sensations and deep tendon reflexes are usually diminished in innervated muscles.

Anwar Ahmed Wains, 8 months ago

Inclusion body myositis is associated with distal weakness, unlike other causes of myopathy.

What else do you know about inclusion body myositis?

owner, 8 months ago

Inclusion body myositis is more common in adult males above 50years of age

it is associated with distal weakness especially finger and wrist flexors and knee extensors

normal or mildly increase ck,anti cN-1A antibodies present

endomysial and pervascular inflammation on muscle biopsy as compared to perimysial in other myositis

response to immunosuppressive therapy as compared to other myositis is minimal


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